Kotori Enzo also known by her nickname Koen, is regarded as one of the fastest person alive. Her mastery over power application and calculation speed make her incredibly versatile. Kotori is Fuschia Ko's second in command, best friend and roommate.

Appearance Edit

Kotori is known for her electric yellow hair and cowlick which resembles a Pikachu's tail.

Personality Edit

As vibrant and eccentric as she looks. Kotori will never back down from a challenge but knows when to call a strategic retreat. Her main goal in life is to be recognized by her idol Fuschia Ko.

Background Edit

Kotori is an elite pilot that has a rich family background in mechanics, and aerospace technology. As a child prodigy she set world records in the air force.

Chronology Edit

Relationships Edit

Fuschia Ko

While Kotori usually shows most people and things condescension and irreverence, she has tremendous respect for Fuschia. She has sworn her loyalty to Fuschia as her self proclaimed ''wing-man'' and will follow her to the ends of the earth.

Mikuma Dots

Miku and Kotori bicker constantly. Mikuma refers to her as ''Air Superiority Complex'' whenever she sees her, annoying Kotori to no end.

Xavi Milton

Abilities Edit

Superspeed Edit

Kotori's primary power is enhanced speed. This base power has many applications including but not limited to:

  • Accelerated Thought Process Kotori can process information faster and perceives the world in slow motion.
  • Hyper-Speed Combat Kotori is able to strike in rapid succession
  • Double Jump By increasing friction between the air to her feet Kotori temporarily gains the ability to jump while in mid air.
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