Mikuma Dots more commonly known as Miku (みくまドット) is the main heroine of Pastel World. She is known to be a chuunibyou from time to time, indulging in superhero fantasies and creating names for signature attacks.

Appearance Edit

Mikuma almost always wears her long, blue hair in twin tails and has an oversized red bow on top of her head. Her eyes are the same color as her hair, and her eyebrows are black.

Personality Edit

Between her ego and cheerful disposition Mikuma is almost always incredibly sociable, at times becoming overbearing. Miku tends to be clingy with people she is close to.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Miku's childhood.

Chronology Edit

Relationships Edit

Xavi Milton

Mimico Dots

Pinto Rose

Fuschia Ko

Xavier Milton

Abilities Edit

Being a metahuman Mikuma is endowed with superhuman durability, speed and reflexes. Currently her special powers are unknown.

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